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Natural stone care


To maintain the beauty of your granite / marble rinse with water and wipe after
use with a soft cloth. In addition, clean regularly with granite or marble cleaners
readily available where tile products are sold. Stone surfaces can be easily
etched by cleaning products containing acids. Clean, polish, and seal only with
products meant for natural stone materials. Wipe your stone sink often so that it
does not accumulate soap scum.


Granite countertops do require some additional maintenance. Because the stone is porous, granite should absolutely be sealed. It should then resealed on a regular basis to ensure its ability to repel water as well as oil based stains.

Even though alack of maintenance has the potential to make your granite countertops appear dull, it can easily be cleaned and polished by a professional to restore its natural shine. In order to properly clean granite, you should use neutral cleaners, stone soaps and/or mild liquid dishwashing soaps or detergents. It is very important to avoid products that contain abrasives and/or acids. Unfortunately, in most cases, if a granite countertop is cracked, it its going to need to be removed and replaced with a new piece of stone.